Saliva sample is viable for up to 30 days; however we do recommend that the sample should arrive at Hemopet within 14 days of being taken. No refrigeration is necessary.

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NutriScan (24 foods) Includes kit with saliva collection instructions at no additional charge.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL Effective Now-December 31,2018
SALIVARY IgA & IgM (Expect results within 2-3 weeks)

Your pet will need to fast overnight before testing; water is okay.

(Antigens/Foods being tested are beef, corn, duck, lentil, wheat, soy, cow's milk, lamb, venison, chicken, turkey, and white fish, hen's egg, barley, millet, rice, oatmeal, salmon, rabbit, quinoa, potato, peanut, pork, and sweet potato)

Please note: pets should not take Apoquel® by Zoetis for at least 2 weeks before performing Nutriscan testing, as it can suppress bowel surface immune reactions.
$ 280.00
TOTAL$ 0.00
Optional: If at any time you would like an additional Nutriscan consultation about your results for $30, please send us an Online Consultation Request.

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